Biometrics are the measurable anatomical characteristics that make possible the unique identification of an individual. The in-house developed NOVOMATIC BIOMETRIC SYSTEMS™ (NBS) herald a modern approach to contemporary demands in the gaming industry. NBS feature a wide variety of application possibilities and thereby offer a cost-effective solution for the quick and reliable processing of authentication data.


NOVOMATIC BIOMETRIC SYSTEMS™ consist of a modified fingerprint scanner, a local server and a central server in order to link multiple sites. The exchange of information is carried out via web services encoded in a proprietary protocol. Upon verification NBS execute the appropriate action such as e.g. granting access, unblocking the acceptor or initiating the transfer of credits. The template of the fingerprint is created locally (‘enrolment‘) and is immediately active via the local server. Simultaneously, the template is uploaded to the central server. The central database has a capacity of up to one million templates (upgradeable).


Access Control

Controlled access to gaming premises / gaming floors according to the respective regulatory requirements of international
jurisdictions (Responsible Gaming, protection of minors...).

Responsible Gaming

Access to the gaming machine / betting terminal.

Virtual Ticket

Transfer of credits between gaming machines and ATM/cash desks.

Further Fields of Application

Vending machines (e.g. soft drinks, cigarettes), betting desks.


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