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The impressive DOMINATOR® Curve takes the gaming experience to another level. Its vertical 40” Full HD curve touchscreen provides for a seamless gaming flow and entirely new game concepts.


The DOMINATOR® Curve features all the ergonomic and design elements of its predecessor plus the advantages of the one vertical curved touchscreen. The player position in the focal point of the curved screen guarantees maximum impact gaming with sophisticated graphics and sound.

  • 1 x 40” Full HD LED backlight curve screen for gripping graphics display
  • Independent 18.5” multi-purpose TFT topper available
  • Stirring LED illumination and game-dependent colour effects for maximum attraction
  • Innovative TouchDeck player interface as well as various button panel layouts available
  • Main door opens upwards on gas springs, providing safe and easy access for maintenance plus optimum space between  machines
  • Pre-installed player tracking module below main screen
  • Integrated high performance sound system
  • Extra start button integrated in foot rest
  • TITO ready
  • Multi-Denomination
  • Multi-language options
  • Touchscreen
  • 640 mm wide (casino base 750 mm) with a total depth of only 637 mm incl. base stand

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Progressive Standalone Jackpot


DOMINATOR® Curve offers an exclusively designed range of games


DOMINATOR® Curve Screen: 40” Full HD LED backlight screen for gripping graphics display


TouchDeck™ player interface