Our Team- NOVOMATIC Americas


Rick Meitzler
Chief Executive Officer 

With nearly 40 years in the gaming industry, Rick Meitzler has a wealth of commercial and technical knowledge. Inspired by a continuing “love of the game,” he has built a rich career with several of the field’s largest and most advanced companies. Today, he is President and CEO of NOVOMATIC Americas.

As President and CEO, Meitzler plays a crucial role in facilitating the Austrian-based organization’s anticipated large-scale expansion into The Americas. His day-to-day tasks include managing companywide functions, achieving licenses, and overseeing the growth and development of all North American markets, including the Caribbean.After joining NOVOMATIC Americas in 2013 as Vice President of Sales, Meitzler launched the company’s first games for the casino and VGT markets in North America. In November of 2014, he was appointed President, and more recently, CEO.  

Known in the gaming industry for his acumen at successfully mastering a wide variety of tasks, Meitzler served two tenures with Bally Gaming, Inc., for a total of 33 years. He developed regional office support, warehousing and servicing; directed customer service efforts; and was one of the key programmers who worked on some of the very first electronic slot machines in the early ‘80s. Managing sales for the Midwest, U.S.A., Canadian and international markets, Meitzler helped the company establish a substantial footprint in these strategic areas. 

Meitzler also was instrumental in helping bring Australian-based Ainsworth Game Technology to the U.S. During his three years as Senior Vice President of North American Operations, he paved the way for the company to launch its electronic platform into the North American markets. Specifically, Meitzler developed the initial sales and service team to cover the new market, and created the necessary infrastructure to manufacture games in the U.S. 

 Dedicated to the continued success of the gaming industry, Meitzler is currently a member of the Board of Directors for the American Gaming Association (AGA) and the Canadian Gaming Association — continuing to be instrumental in helping guide and protect the future of this industry he calls home. 



Jim LaPorte
Regional Sales Manager 
 VGT & Midwest U.S.
Phone: +1 224 802 2974
Cell: +1 224 531 2866


Miguel Gonzalez
Regional Sales Manager
East & Caribbean

Phone: +1 224 802 2974
Cell: +1 954 809 1784



John Peterson
Regional Sales Manager
Western U.S. & Canada
Phone: +1 224 802 2974
Cell: +1 702 496 4094



Buddy Bartholow
Regional Sales Manager
Midwest United States
Phone: +1 224 802 2974
Cell: +1 605 431 5366